Allspice is a dried unripe berry fruit of pimenta medicinal. The main regions of the plant are Central and South America. Spice is exported by such countries as Brazil and Mexico, Barbados and Venezuela; also this pepper is cultivated in Cuba and India. However, the main exporter today is Jamaica.

At first the fruits of the plant have a blue and green color, but after drying the berries obtain a brown shade, and their surface becomes rough. The size of berries is twice or three times larger than that of black pepper berries. The product is sold both in whole and in ground form. It has a spicy aroma and an acute taste, resembling the flavor combination of other spices — cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and nutmeg.

Cooking application

Jamaican pepper (another name of spice) is quite a versatile additive, which is found in most kinds of culinary products. Among them:

  • soups and fish broths;
  • sauces and marinades;
  • fish and meat dishes;
  • vegetable dishes and so on.

Without the spice, the preparation of sausages, pates and headcheese will not be complete. In addition, this product is widely popular in the confectionery industry and is used in making cupcakes, gingerbread, puddings, and cookies. The ingredient is also a component of barley wine.

Interesting information

The homeland of the spice is South America. Later it was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. As a result, the popularity of spicy berries began to gain momentum, especially in England, where allspice was loved for its versatility.

Both ground and whole allspice are widely used for creating the aromatic compositions. All because the fruit contain essential oils with a unique smell, which are used in the manufacture of many types of toilet waters, perfumes, and soaps. With the help of this product, you can get rid of numerous unpleasant odors.

The product is also very healthy. For example, an ointment based on powder helps in the case of the vertebral nerve entrapment, and several fragrant peas will help in curing indigestion. The abundance of potassium in the product guarantees the improvement of mental activity and the stabilization of water-salt metabolism with a regular use of this product. On the basis of spicy berries the tea, that can fill the body with energy and freshness, is made. No less important are their antiseptic properties.

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