Carrot is a root crop of a biennial plant of the Umbelliferae family. It is used not only in fresh form, but also in dried one (as a spice), and there are two versions of the dried product — in the form of straws or cubes. There are also color differences: the market offers red and yellow dried carrots. In general, the product has a bright orange color, a sweet taste and a slight pleasant aroma.

People cultivate and eat spicy vegetables since ancient times. For example, dried carrots were popular in Russia, because already then our ancestors found out that the root crop in this form is stored longer and does not lose its qualities. Today this vegetable is common on all inhabited continents, as well as in New Zealand.

Culinary usage

Dried carrot is relevant for all dishes, in which fresh root vegetables should be added. Since people often do not have time to peel and chop a fresh product, carrot in the form of spice will be an excellent alternative: under the influence of water or oil it becomes look like pieces of fresh vegetable, and its taste and smell are the same as original ones.

The ingredient is added in such dishes as:

  • soup and broth;
  • vegetable stew;
  • salads;
  • sweet pastries;
  • gravies and so on.

Sometimes dried carrot is even added to tea. Also this product is perfectly combined with other spices: dill, basil, paprika, cilantro and other.

Interesting facts

Dried carrot can be stored at home for a whole year, and it will not lose its original qualities. The main thing is to follow the recommendations for storage. Spice should be protected from changes in temperature, humidity and the formation of internal condensate in the container.

The product is popular in traditional medicine. The presence of spices in the diet will help people to:

  • get rid of toxins;
  • alleviate the manifestations of skin diseases;
  • overcome lung diseases more quickly;
  • prevent accumulation of salts in the kidneys and joints;
  • eliminate inflammatory processes in the intestine and so on.

The root crop contains carotene, which, when ingested, is transformed into vitamin A. Accordingly, spice has a positive effect on eye health and strengthens the immune system. For maximum effect, it is necessary to prepare a carrot tincture — you can easily do it at home.

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