Cinnamon is a spice, which has a form of rolled bark of evergreen tropical tree. On the counters this spice is more often found in ground form. The brown powder has a well recognizable spicy aroma, and the taste combines sweet, burning and bitter notes.

Cinnamon is the most ancient spice of all used by man. Today, the main suppliers of this product are Sri Lanka and India. There are several types of cinnamon, but the most qualitative and popular is the “Ceylon” variety: this spice has an excellent sweet taste.

Cinnamon culinary value

In the food industry, spice is used primarily as a natural flavoring. This ingredient is found in the following products:

  • chocolate and biscuits;
  • compotes and liqueurs;
  • sweet treats;
  • canned food and ketchup.

In home cooking, cinnamon is often added to meat dishes, as well as to pastries. A small amount of powder perfectly complements the taste of milk drinks, ice cream, puddings, wine, cereals, coffee, punch and vegetable salads.

Since ancient times this spice is widely popular in the East, because it is the area, where the same-named plant is cultivated. It is a custom of this region to add cinnamon to soups, hot and cold meat dishes, as well as to pilaf. According to the American and European approach, the use of this product is motivated rather by the desire to create an original flavor of drinks and dishes.

Interesting facts about cinnamon

Spice is widely popular in cosmetology sphere. The ability of cinnamon to improve complexion, enhance cellular metabolism and blood circulation, makes the product an effective anti-aging agent. However, the spice is used only as one of the components, and its quantity is strictly regulated by recipes.

The medical value of product is also huge. This is a natural antiviral and antibacterial agent that helps to resist both external and internal infections. This powder will help to forget about the annoying cough. With the help of cinnamon, you can get rid of various types of pain, as well as of bad breath.

The properties of spice for patients with diabetes are invaluable: this product effectively normalizes the level of sugar in blood. The acceptable norm in this case is one teaspoon of powder per day. Substances in the composition of the spice (dietary fiber, calcium) are essential for the normal functioning of cardiovascular system. In addition, the product can clean up gallbladder and liver without using synthetic preparations.

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