Ground cloves are the powdery spices made from dried flower buds of an evergreen tree from the Myrtle family. The bud looks like a rod with a cap, being similar to a classic nail. The powder has a brown color, and also stands out for its hot taste, which can hardly be confused with the taste characteristics of other spices. Its aroma is deep and strong.

The native land of the plant is the Moluccas Islands. Spice has been used since ancient times in such regions as the Middle East, India and China. The product was used both in culinary and curative ways. Today this plant is cultivated in many countries of the world — Brazil, Jamaica, Zanzibar and others.

Cloves and cuisine

The product is very popular in culinary and is used both separately and as an ingredient of seasonings. Using this spice, you can prepare:

  • marinades and sauces;
  • various kinds of soups;
  • pilaf and porridge;
  • fried and stewed meat;
  • beef-tea;
  • minces and poultry;
  • dishes of meat co-products and so on.

Usage of this spice in the confectionery deserves special attention. Cloves often become an ingredient for jam, sweet baking, fruit preserves, and mousses. With the use of buds various drinks (punch, compotes, tea with honey and spices, and, of course, mulled wine) are prepared.

Interesting Facts

Ground cloves go well with other spices, for example, with cinnamon and black pepper. The product has a strong aroma and taste, and therefore it is added to dishes and drinks in small quantities, and necessarily at the last stages of cooking, because under the influence of high temperatures, cloves lose their spicy properties.

Qualitative buds subject to grinding must have two important features. The first one is elasticity, which manifests itself even in the case of dried spices. The second feature should be tested using water: good cloves, released into water, must sink or at least float on the surface with a cap up. If the bud has taken a horizontal position, its quality should be questionable.

The medicinal properties of the product are known to mankind for a very long time. Spice helps to strengthen the liver and stomach, improve blood circulation, and facilitate breathing in the case of cold. Cloves also positively affect the memory, and their oil is effective against toothache and as an antiseptic. Finally, the use of cloves helps to get rid of bad breath.

You can buy ground cloves on our website at a wholesale price. This spice must certainly be in every house, because a whole range of dishes and drinks cannot do without it, and the positive effect of the product on human health is obvious.

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