Cumin is a spice that looks like oblong seeds. However, most often this product is used in the ground form: the powder has a brown color, and the taste of the spice is bitter and burning: it somehow resembles the anise taste. The product is known for the slight dill smell.

The homeland of cumin is Eurasia. For instance, fragments of fruits of wild plants have been found in excavations of Ancient Mesopotamia. Nevertheless, cumin was totally cultivated only at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Today this plant is cultivated in many regions of the world, mainly the areas with a temperate climate: Asia, Europe, America, and the north of Africa.

Use for culinary purposes

Ground cumin helps digestion and whets the appetite. These unique properties of the product were noticed many years ago. Today spice can be used in cooking:

  • cheeses, butter, cottage cheese;
  • vegetable pickles and marinades;
  • poultry dishes;
  • fresh vegetables salads;
  • soups and borsch;
  • meat, pates, sausages and so on.

The role of cumin in baking is very high: there are many bakery products this ingredient is added to. There are also various cumin sauces, seasonings and even sweets, which are considered t be not only tasty, but also good for the health. Spice is constantly used for cooking dishes in India, Turkmenistan, Sweden, Estonia, Britain, Germany and many other countries.

Interesting information

The name of the plant (and its fruits) is historically erroneous for many languages: there were two different plants, caraway and cumin, under one name, and only Italians delineated these names in their language, having defined cumin as a spice more common for German cuisine.

Ground cumin is widely used for medical purposes. For example, the fruits of this plant help to combat gastrointestinal diseases, and also strengthen the body’s immune system. Spice has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system; it is used in the treatment of eye diseases. Cumin broths can smooth toothache and remove some types of skin rashes. This wonderful product is also suitable for people suffering from insomnia, neuroses and memory problems. The high content of vitamins, as well as micro and macro elements, makes this spice a good remedy for vitamin deficiency.

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