Decorative topping “Autumnal”

Decorative topping “Autumnal” is a mixture of dried and finely chopped spicy vegetables: green and red paprika, and carrots. In addition, the product contains coriander grains. This combination of spices has a pleasant warm aroma and a bright, pungent-sweet taste, and in the color scheme of the mixture red, green and gray colors are combined.

Culinary use

The product is primarily used for decorating meat and fish products. However, seasoning can be applied not only for aesthetic purposes, but also in the process of cooking various dishes, among which:

  • breaded chops and chicken legs;
  • marinades and meat sauces;
  • homemade sausages and goulash;
  • beef jerky, ribs and so on.

A spicy mixture can also be used for cooking soups and fish dishes.

Health Benefits

Despite the relatively modest composition, this topping is known for its positive effect on the human organism. The product contains such useful substances as carotene, which transforms into vitamin A when ingested, a large amount of ascorbic acid, tannins and other substances that are important for health.

Seasoning has natural bactericidal and antiseptic properties, so it becomes indispensable for treating colds, infectious diseases and for strengthening the body’s immune system. The product also positively affects the nervous system, providing an invigorating effect and helping with hysterics and stress.

The mixture is also useful for digestion and metabolism, eye and skin health. Regular consuming of topping leads to improving the vessels and heart health, reduces the risk of blood clots and seizures, and stimulates hematopoiesis. You can buy decorative topping “Autumnal” right now on our website!

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