Decorative topping “Delicate”

Decorative mixture of spices “Delicate” is a combination of several types of spicy grains and dried chopped red paprika. Rich taste and bright aroma combine piquant fragrance, hot and sweet notes. The product is characterized with color diversity, where on the white and gray background there are bright red inclusions.

Culinary opportunities

The basis of the topping composition’s sensory acceptance is represented with cumin and coriander, which make the spicy additive truly original. A mixture is mainly used for decorating meat and fish products, namely:

  • meat and fish rolls;
  • fried, baked, stewed dishes;
  • different types of cold cuts and so on.

In general, high flavor and aromatic qualities, as well as mainly granular structure, allow using the product for various culinary experiments.

Useful properties

The product contains a number of substances necessary for the human body. Among them there are the B-group vitamins, vitamins E, C, A, antioxidants, minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.), organic acids (e.g., lecithin, and phytin) and so on. Many substances are contained in a large enough amount to become a great part of the daily consumption rate.

Seasoning has a positive effect on lipid and fat metabolism in the body, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots, high cholesterol levels and the risk of blood vessels blockage. The product is no less effective for normalizing of digestion, improving the appetite, toning up the body. The composition of the topping contains substances that help to strengthen the immune system, get rid of infectious diseases and inflammatory processes, and improve the functioning of the reproductive system.

The other beneficial effects of the mixture are improvement of brain function, positive impact on the nervous system, assistance in fighting the cramps, dental pain, some kinds of skin rashes and so on. You can buy decorative topping “Delicate” on our website at a reasonable price!

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