Decorative topping “Fiesta”

Spicy topping “Fiesta” is created especially for decorating dishes, improving their taste and aroma, as well as enriching the food with useful substances. The rather modest composition, which includs dried onions, as well as red and green paprika, nevertheless has a bright, burning-sweet taste and a strong spicy odor. The ingredients are presented in a coarse-grinded form.

Application in culinary

Universal composition, attractive appearance and superb taste and aroma qualities make this topping an excellent addition to festive and everyday dishes. In particular, the product is used in cooking and decorating of:

  • fish and meat products;
  • sausage products;
  • different salads and so on.

The seasoning combines freshness, acuity and tenderness, and therefore can be used as a substitute or addition for fresh vegetables, in order to make food spicy or just to decorate a particular dish.

Useful properties of the product

Buy decorative topping “Fiesta” to discover the beneficial properties of this seasoning. The mixture is a rich source of vitamin C, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2 and many other useful substances. The product is indispensable for strengthening immunity and protecting against colds. The role of this mixture for improving digestion and metabolism, curing many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and appetite betterment is no less important.

Also the useful substances in the composition of spices prevent the emergence of blood clots and increasing of cholesterol level. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels and make a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The product will help to get rid of nervous disorders, strengthen mucous membranes, improve vision and so on. You can order decorative topping on our website right now!

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