Garden dill or fragrant dill is both an annual herbaceous plant and a spice. Crushed dried or fresh greens of dill are used on a par with the seeds of the plant and its essential oil. The taste and aroma of this product are very strong, spicy, refreshing.

Spice was spread even at the times of Ancient Egypt, and several regions at once are considered to be the homeland of the plant: Asia Minor, Southern Europe and Egypt. Today it is cultivated almost everywhere, except for Australia and Antarctica. Dill is widely spread in Ukraine.

Spice in cooking

The product is versatile and popular among cooks all over the world. It is an ingredient of the following dishes and foods:

  • brines and marinades;
  • pickles and sauces;
  • borscht and soups;
  • salads and potatoes;
  • dairy and fish products;
  • pies and so on.

Dried dill is an essential part of many seasonings: curry, Frankfurt spice mix, khmeli-suneli, Bologna spice mix. The product is used in the manufacture of aromatic oils, vinegar, and even in the confectionery industry (as a flavoring).

To guarantee the preservation of dried spice’s taste and aroma, you should store it in hermetically sealed containers no longer than a year.

Interesting information

Dill perfectly gives its flavor to food, regulates the amount of salt in dishes and is often used for their decoration. Spice is traditionally used for pickling tomatoes and cucumbers; when frying and stewing fish.

The plant is also used for recreational purposes. The reason for this is a high content of mineral substances, vitamins and useful acids in dill. Spice improves the appetite, has a beneficial effect on liver and digestive organs. In case of respiratory disease, dill is used as an expectorant. The potion from the plant is used for treating skin diseases and relieving eye fatigue. In addition, the product is useful for insomnia, hypertension and as a diuretic.

The presence of essential oils in this herb makes it useful for cosmetology and perfumery spheres, as well as for distillery, food, soap and other industries.

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