Orange slices

This is a completely natural product derived from fresh oranges. Slices retain the appearance, taste and useful qualities of citrus, and to create fifty grams of chips, about half a kilo of fresh fruit is necessary. Slices are used as a ready-to-eat product, as an additive to various drinks and dishes, for decorating desserts and […]

Universal mixture for marinating

Universal mixture for marinating tomatoes, peppers and zucchini is distinguished by a well-balanced combination of whole and chopped spices, spicy vegetables and greens. The composition includes all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of first-class marinades, so you do not have to additionally look for the missing products. Besides, this product is supplemented with the […]

Spice mixture “For pilaf”

Spice mixture “For pilaf” is a combined seasoning with a spicy aroma and rich taste, combining hot, sour and sweet notes. The color of the product is yellow and orange. It is the hue the cooked dishes obtain if the mixture is used. The basis of the seasoning is powdery, but some ingredients are presented […]

Flavoring “For mulled wine”

Seasoning “For mulled wine” is a fragrant bouquet of entirely whole dried components, most of which have brown color. The product has an orientally spicy and very persistent aroma, as well as unimaginably rich taste, in which there are burning, sweet and pleasantly bitter notes. Culinary features The mixture of spices “For mulled wine”, despite […]

Spice mixture “For BBQ”

Seasoning “For barbecue” is a mixture of spices, which has a reddish-brown color, a fragrant spicy aroma and a bright piquant taste. The product contains whole, finely chopped and powdered ingredients. The mixture is intended for rubbing and further marinating products from the categories “grill menu” and “brazier menu”. Culinary opportunities The targeted use of […]

Flavoring “10 vegetables”

Seasoning “10 vegetables” is one of the most versatile spicy mixes. It is a mass of dried finely chopped vegetables and roots (multi-colored pieces have a size of 3-6 millimeters). The aroma of the product is spicy, veggie, and the taste combines freshness, acuity, sweet notes and pleasant bitterness. Usage in cooking Mixture “10 vegetables” […]


Roselle is dried flowers of the Sudanese rose (hibiscus), an annual plant of the Mallow family, which are used in cooking and cosmetology. Its whole dry flowers are large and deep-red, the taste of this spice is tart, slightly sour, and the smell is well recognized. The homeland of hibiscus is Northeast Africa, but today […]

Red paprika

Red paprika is a spice that is produced by chopping or grinding red peppers. The spice can look like a powder or finely chopped dried pepper. It has a bright red color, a spicy aroma and a sweetish taste with bitterness. The plant is cultivated in many countries, but the leader among them is Hungary, […]


Parsley is a biennial herbaceous plant, which is used in fresh and ground (dried) form. Parsley is either a carefully crushed dried herb, or powdered seeds. It has a soft spicy smell and a slightly sweet taste. Parsley’s homeland is the Mediterranean Sea coast. However, today this popular and unpretentious plant is spread and cultivated […]


Onion is a spicy vegetable that is used both in fresh and dried crushed form. Among all the types of this plant garden onion is the most common. The crushed product has a whitish yellow color, a slightly sweet burning taste and a sharp “nipping” smell.Onion is a spicy vegetable that is used both in […]

White pepper

Ground white pepper is not a separate spice, but rather a variety of black pepper, which is handled in a special way. Spice is prepared from the practically ripe peeled fruits, ground into powder. The product has a white color with a cream shade, and the aroma of white pepper is stronger and finer than […]


Ground turmeric is a spice produced from a perennial medicinal plant of the Ginger family. There are many varieties of this spice, but more often you can find on sale a powder of common turmeric. The taste of the spice is slightly bitter, and at the same time sharp, astringent, and the smell is spicy, […]


Ground nutmeg is a spice in the form of brown powder. It prepared from the ripe edible fruits of the tree from the Muscat family. The product has a burning piquant taste and unique delicate aroma. Nutmeg was popular in the period of Antiquity and became widespread in Europe and other parts the world during […]


Ground garlic is a spice prepared from a perennial plant of the Onion family. The powder is formed by grinding and drying garlic cloves, which can be of two types — an acute one and a sweet one. The product is characterized by a beige and white color, a hot taste and a peculiar smell […]


Ground fenugreek is a spice, which is produced from the seeds of a herbaceous plant of the legume family. The product has a rich combination of flavors, being sharp, sweet, and bitter at the same time. Specific aroma of spice remotely resembles a smell combination of legumes and nuts. The color of this powder differs […]


Cumin is a spice that looks like oblong seeds. However, most often this product is used in the ground form: the powder has a brown color, and the taste of the spice is bitter and burning: it somehow resembles the anise taste. The product is known for the slight dill smell. The homeland of cumin […]


Ground cloves are the powdery spices made from dried flower buds of an evergreen tree from the Myrtle family. The bud looks like a rod with a cap, being similar to a classic nail. The powder has a brown color, and also stands out for its hot taste, which can hardly be confused with the […]

Black pepper

Black pepper is a spice that gained its popularity in ancient times. Spice is obtained from unripe fruits of Indian liana in the territory formerly known as Malabar. That is why today one of the best varieties is considered to be the Malabar pepper. The product was in demand in Ancient Greece, Rome, as well […]

Green paprika

Green paprika is the name of both the type of sweet pepper and the spice produced by drying and then grinding this vegetable. And the degree of grinding can differ: there are products in powdered, crushed and chopped form. Green paprika is not as sweet as its red “relative”, has a recognizable piquant aroma and […]

“Provencal herbs”

“Provencal herbs” is a fragrant seasoning, first created in the south-eastern region of France, Provence, where the name of the mixture comes from as well. Ingredients are thoroughly crushed, and the color of the product is light green. The aroma of spices includes resinous spicy herbal notes, and the taste combines acuity and pleasant bitterness. […]

Flavoring “Italian herbs with paprika and tomatoes”

Seasoning “Italian herbs with paprika and tomatoes” is a supplemented version of the classic spice mix. The product has a rich spicy aroma, and the taste combines hot, pleasantly bitter, fresh and tart notes. All the ingredients are thoroughly dried and crushed, and the overall color of the mixture is light green with the inclusions […]

Flavoring “Arcadia”

Seasoning “Arcadia” is a mixture of spices and fragrant herbs, which is characterized by a hot spicy taste and rich aroma. The color of the product is brown, and the previously dried ingredients are used either in crushed or whole form. One of the key ingredients of the seasoning is dried garlic. Features of use […]


Ginger is a perennial herbaceous plant, the root of which is used as a spice. It is believed that the homeland of ginger is India, but the plant is successfully cultivated in Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. Beige and yellow root is popular all around the world. Dried ginger has a distinctive sweetish flavor […]


Garden dill or fragrant dill is both an annual herbaceous plant and a spice. Crushed dried or fresh greens of dill are used on a par with the seeds of the plant and its essential oil. The taste and aroma of this product are very strong, spicy, refreshing. Spice was spread even at the times […]

Decorative topping “Spring”

Decorative mixture of spices “Spring” is a combination of dried chopped spicy vegetables and whole mustard grains. This is a seasoning with a diverse coloring, deep saturated aroma and fresh spicy taste, which also contains pleasantly bitter and sweet notes. Culinary usage This topping, created on the basis of red and green varieties of paprika, […]

Decorative topping “Fiesta”

Spicy topping “Fiesta” is created especially for decorating dishes, improving their taste and aroma, as well as enriching the food with useful substances. The rather modest composition, which includs dried onions, as well as red and green paprika, nevertheless has a bright, burning-sweet taste and a strong spicy odor. The ingredients are presented in a […]

Decorative topping “Fiery”

Decorative topping “Fiery” has a very eloquent name: a burning taste with sweet notes and pleasant bitterness, a persistent spicy aroma and a bright red color of the seasoning prove this. The product includes different ingredients such as carrots, red sweet peppers (dried, chopped) and whole mustard seeds. Usage in cooking A mixture of spices […]

Decorative topping “Delicate”

Decorative mixture of spices “Delicate” is a combination of several types of spicy grains and dried chopped red paprika. Rich taste and bright aroma combine piquant fragrance, hot and sweet notes. The product is characterized with color diversity, where on the white and gray background there are bright red inclusions. Culinary opportunities The basis of […]

Decorative topping “Autumnal”

Decorative topping “Autumnal” is a mixture of dried and finely chopped spicy vegetables: green and red paprika, and carrots. In addition, the product contains coriander grains. This combination of spices has a pleasant warm aroma and a bright, pungent-sweet taste, and in the color scheme of the mixture red, green and gray colors are combined. […]


Cinnamon is a spice, which has a form of rolled bark of evergreen tropical tree. On the counters this spice is more often found in ground form. The brown powder has a well recognizable spicy aroma, and the taste combines sweet, burning and bitter notes. Cinnamon is the most ancient spice of all used by […]


Carrot is a root crop of a biennial plant of the Umbelliferae family. It is used not only in fresh form, but also in dried one (as a spice), and there are two versions of the dried product — in the form of straws or cubes. There are also color differences: the market offers red […]


Cardamom is a fruit of the same-named perennial plant. To become spices, this fruits need to be dried and thoroughly crushed. This spice is sold in such a form most often. Cardamom is quite expensive and has been reasonably nicknamed the “king of spices”. It has a sharp burning taste and a very spicy, piquant […]


Basil is a spice produced from the same-named medicinal annual plant. Spice is referred to the family of mint herbs; it has a bright aroma and taste, which in some way resembles a taste combination of cloves and licorice. Basil leaves, which are used in cooking, often have a green color, but there is also […]


Allspice is a dried unripe berry fruit of pimenta medicinal. The main regions of the plant are Central and South America. Spice is exported by such countries as Brazil and Mexico, Barbados and Venezuela; also this pepper is cultivated in Cuba and India. However, the main exporter today is Jamaica. At first the fruits of […]

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