Ground fenugreek is a spice, which is produced from the seeds of a herbaceous plant of the legume family. The product has a rich combination of flavors, being sharp, sweet, and bitter at the same time. Specific aroma of spice remotely resembles a smell combination of legumes and nuts. The color of this powder differs and can be pale yellow, sandy, or beige.

Fenugreek became popular in ancient times. It was used not only as a spice, but also as a medicinal plant. It is also well known for its ritual use, particularly in ancient India. Today fenugreek is cultivated in such countries as Egypt, Tunisia, Japan, Pakistan, India, Argentina, Morocco and many others. The spice serves as a fodder, food, and medicinal product.

Usage in culinary

Powder is very popular in Indian national cuisine and other cuisines of the East. Spice is added to:

  • cheeses;
  • soups;
  • legume dishes;
  • surrogate coffee;
  • sauces and gravies;
  • dough for baking and so on.

Fenugreek is used as a thickening agent. In addition, the powder goes well with other spices, and therefore it is part of such seasonings as curry, khmeli-suneli, chutney and others.

Curious facts

Fenugreek contains a huge amount of substances necessary for human: vitamins C, PP, B1, B2, A, proteins, essential oil, a number of important micro elements and essential amino acids.

Spice is in-demand for medicinal purposes. It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory, genitourinary and digestive systems, feeds cells, plasma and blood. Tea based on fenugreek will perfectly clean the organism and provide a pleasant smell of the body. Spice can also improve hair growth in people prone to baldness, clean the skin, and soothe inflamed or irritated skin patches.

Fenugreek is useful in case of peptic ulcer, diabetes and ailments connected with a deficiency of nutrients. Also, the product is helpful for patients recovering from the treatment of diseases of respiratory, nervous, and reproductive systems.

Fenugreek is indicated for people of advanced age (since there are many antioxidants in the seeds), as well as for young mothers, but do not use the spice during pregnancy. Potency problems are also cured with the help of this powder.

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