Flavoring “10 vegetables”

Seasoning “10 vegetables” is one of the most versatile spicy mixes. It is a mass of dried finely chopped vegetables and roots (multi-colored pieces have a size of 3-6 millimeters). The aroma of the product is spicy, veggie, and the taste combines freshness, acuity, sweet notes and pleasant bitterness.

Usage in cooking

Mixture “10 vegetables” consists of popular and widely applicable spicy vegetables and roots, among which are red and green paprika, carrots, white mustard, parsley root and other ingredients. Such a rich and versatile composition allows you to add this seasoning to such dishes as:

  • various kinds of soups;
  • goulash;
  • vegetable and meat stews;
  • dishes from stewed fish, poultry, meat and so on.

For the product to retain its aromatic and flavoring qualities for a long time, it must be stored in a closed container of glass or ceramics in a place protected from sunlight.

Product Benefits

Seasoning is a natural source of substances useful to humans. Among them there are numerous micro and macro elements, essential oils, B-group vitamins, vitamins C, P, A, and so on. In the composition there are also antioxidants that help to rejuvenate the body by neutralizing free radicals.

This mixture is indispensable for strengthening immunity and fighting colds. Many ingredients of the product are known for their bactericidal and antiseptic effects. Spices will help to get rid of problems with the digestive and cardiovascular system, positively affect vision, contribute to fighting against skin diseases, detoxify the organism and improve metabolic processes.

The tonic effect of seasoning is also noteworthy, as well as its beneficial effect on the nervous system. You can buy spice mixture “10 vegetables” without artificial impurities, taste enhancers and salt on our website at a wholesale price!

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