Flavoring “Arcadia”

Seasoning “Arcadia” is a mixture of spices and fragrant herbs, which is characterized by a hot spicy taste and rich aroma. The color of the product is brown, and the previously dried ingredients are used either in crushed or whole form. One of the key ingredients of the seasoning is dried garlic.

Features of use

Due to the rich composition, this mixture is used as a universal spicy additive in cooking:

  • stewed and baked meat;
  • fish dishes and poultry meat;
  • vegetable stew and other meat and vegetable dishes.

It should be remembered that the strong acuity and persistent aroma of the seasoning make it necessary to attentively dose the mixture while using. It is recommended to add the product 10-15 minutes before the dish is ready. In addition, fish, meat and poultry can be rubbed with this mixture before cooking.

Positive effect on health

In “Arcadia”, besides garlic, there are a lot of useful ingredients: dill, red paprika, coriander, basil and others. Therefore, the product certainly contains a number of useful substances for human organism, which remain after cooking. Among them: carotene, rutin, essential oils, useful acids, minerals and much more. The composition of vitamins is also very rich (C, B2, PP and so on). The seasoning also contains antioxidants, which are indispensable for rejuvenating the body.

Everyone who wants to strengthen immunity and get a source of natural substances to fight colds should buy fragrant herbs mixture “Arcadia”. The product has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system. This seasoning is known for its tonic effect, as well as the ability to increase appetite. You can order the goods with delivery today on our site!

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