Flavoring “Italian herbs with paprika and tomatoes”

Seasoning “Italian herbs with paprika and tomatoes” is a supplemented version of the classic spice mix. The product has a rich spicy aroma, and the taste combines hot, pleasantly bitter, fresh and tart notes. All the ingredients are thoroughly dried and crushed, and the overall color of the mixture is light green with the inclusions of red.

Wide culinary opportunities

Despite the fact that the components of this seasoning grow not only in Italy, the Italians were the first to identify the combinations and proportions of ingredients that are standard so far. In addition, the product is most often used in Italian cuisine and among the dishes there are:

  • various sauces;
  • first meals;
  • vegetable and meat lasagna;
  • pizza;
  • dishes from boiled, stewed or fried fish or meat and so on.

The seasoning is perfectly combined with any fresh herbs. Therefore it is a part of numerous salads.

Importance for health

This mixture of spices is rich for vitamins (C, A, PP, B-group vitamins and so on) and minerals; it contains antioxidants, carotene, flavonoids, rutin and many other useful components. First of all, the spicy additive is useful for digestion and metabolism, as well as for good appetite. No less important are the antiseptic and bactericidal properties of the seasoning. The product not only strengthens the immune system, but also disinfects the food to which it was added.

In addition, the mixture will help to get rid of nervousness, lethargy, vitamin deficiencies. The product has a beneficial effect on gums, eyes, vessels. Some ingredients of the seasoning contribute to the dissolving of blood clots and organism detoxification. Of course, a positive effect on health is possible only with a metered use of the mixture, which contains components with a pretty hot taste. You can buy fragrant herbs mixture “Italian herbs with paprika and tomatoes” from us at the best price!

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