Flavoring made of vegetables and herbs for fish soup

Flavoring made of vegetables and herbs for fish soup is a mixture of roughly and finely chopped dried spices. Fresh, fragrant, and spicy notes predominate in the taste and aroma of this seasoning. The color of the mixture is light green with the inclusions of yellow and orange colors. A perfect complement for a perfect fish soup!

Briefly about the ingredients

In the composition of flavoring there are the following components:

  • Granulated onions. A classic spicy vegetable with a sweet, strong flavor and piquant aroma.
  • Parsnip. The smell of this spice is similar to parsley, and its sweetish taste resembles carrots. By the way, both parsley and carrots are also the components of flavoring.
  • Allspice. It has a spicy taste and a pleasant aroma; it goes well with fish as such as well as with fish soup and other spices.
  • Bay leaf. Can be distinguished by a recognizable pleasant smell and slightly bitter taste. It’s a universal spicy plant, which is also used in soup cooking.

Among other components of this mixture there is dill, black pepper and so on.

Benefit for health

The composition of flavoring contains many components with a huge variety of useful substances. For example, coriander is rich in fatty oils, minerals, vitamins, and essential oils. Onions, due to the content of a wide range of vitamins as well as phytoncides and flavonoids essential for human body, can strengthen the immune system, make an antibacterial effect and optimize metabolism.

The essential oil contained in allspice can boasts of such components as cineole, phellandrene, eugenol and others that positively affect almost all systems of human body. Allspice also has an invigorating and antiseptic effect. Bay leaves also have a tonic effect. But in addition, they contain substances that improve digestion and appetite, promote healing of injuries, have disinfectant, diuretic and a number of other effects. Order this flavoring made of vegetables and herbs for fish soup today on our website!

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