For baking freshwater fish with dill

The mixture of spices for baking freshwater fish with dill combines piquancy, freshness and unique fragrance in its taste and aroma. Due to a well-balanced composition, the spice will help to bring unique notes to the taste of the dishes and spare the freshwater fish from the unpleasant river smell. In a mixture of green and yellow color there are whole and ground ingredients as well as finely chopped ones.

Main components

The key components of this mixture are:

  • Dill. It has a refreshing spicy smell and taste that is well known to every Ukrainian. It is well combined both with fish and with other components of seasoning.
  • Turmeric. In addition to a bright yellow color, the spice also has a rich spicy taste, thanks to which the refined oriental notes will appear in the dish.
  • Bay leaf. Dried and finely chopped ingredient will add some freshness and a note of sweetness to the dish.
  • Coriander. Light aroma and much stronger taste with a pleasant bitterness are the distinguishing features of this spice, which is used in a ground form in small quantities.

Also, the composition of the product is not go without such popular spices as nutmeg, mustard seeds, cardamom and onions. Along with them, three types of pepper are used in the mixture – black, white pepper, and allspice as well as a small amount of salt.

Benefit for health

Not only culinary opportunities, but also a wide range of useful properties favorably distinguish this mixture. Each ingredient has certain health benefits. So, dill contains a lot of useful things: essential oil, minerals, flavonoids, carotene, useful acids and important vitamins. On the basis of dill the anti-inflammatory, sedative, heart and other meds are made.

Turmeric is useful for the normalization of the digestive system and the optimization of metabolic processes. This spice will help in reduce pain and swelling of the joints with arthritis. For the cardiovascular system turmeric is indicated as a product that prevents the formation of blood clots and reduces the level of harmful cholesterol.

Bay leaf contains a lot of useful substances. In addition to vitamins and minerals, the leaf contains various acids, essential oil, camphor, tannins and so on. The spice helps with flu and cold because it strengthens the immune system. Also, it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and sedative effects, and this is only a part of the beneficial properties of this plant.

The rich vitamin and mineral composition of coriander makes this spice a good antimicrobial, diuretic, choleretic and antifungal remedy. Coriander is good for the health of the cardiovascular and digestive systems as well as for the elimination of vision problems. You can buy this mixture of spices for baking freshwater fish today on our website!

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