For baking sea fish with lemon and spicy herbs

The mixture of spices for baking sea fish with lemon and spicy herbs is distinguished by a multi-component composition of ground, finely chopped and whole spices, spicy vegetables and herbs. The highlight of the seasoning is a lemon zest. The product’s color is yellow and green.

About the main components

It is no secret that baked fish retains the maximum of nutrients and natural taste. And in order to improve and diversify the taste palette of the dish, it is necessary to use the right mix of spices when baking. The seasoning in question contains salt and a lemon zest, the ingredients that are primarily needed for baking sea fish. At the same time, the rind will perfectly replace a fresh lemon, and will add notes of freshness and delicate citrus aroma to the taste of the dish.

Among other important ingredients:

  • Fennel. It is used in small quantities, as it has a very bright taste, sweet and at the same time slightly spicy, as well as a characteristic persistent aroma.
  • Mustard seeds. Fragrant and piquant seeds will certainly complement the taste and smell of fish dishes.
  • Granulated garlic. This spicy vegetable will make the dish juicier and richer as well as give a popular spicy flavor and recognizable aroma.
  • Thyme. These are dried and finely chopped leaves of the plant of the same name. The spice has a strong aroma and a spicy taste with a light bitterness.

In the mixture there are other components, for example, three kinds of pepper — white one, black one and allspice.

Useful properties of the product

The mixture is very useful for human health, because each of the seasoning’s ingredients contains the substances we need. For example, a lemon zest contains vitamins E, A, C, PP as well as minerals, in particular — phosphorus, iron, selenium, copper and others. Zest serves to strengthen the immune system and has an antibacterial effect.

Fennel, having good antioxidant properties, is considered a good hepato- and oncology protector. Mustard seeds are primarily used to get rid of a number of ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, mustard has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant and enveloping effects. If we talk about thyme, this rich in nutrients spice has analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Thyme also helps to relieve cramps and acts as a mild sedative.

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