For marinating pork with garlic

The mixture of spices for marinating pork with garlic is seasoning with a rich taste and a combination of wonderful aromas. It has a reddish-brown color with yellow and green inclusions. Ingredients that are part of the product are presented in ground and chopped form. Pork, marinated with the use of this mixture, will acquire not only a delicate structure and attractive appearance, but also a hot savory taste with a bit of sweetness and a unique aroma that instantly awakens the appetite.

Main ingredients

The main components of the mixture are:

  • Red paprika. It gives the meat spiciness and light piquancy. Can be used in large quantities. It goes well with tomato and allspice, which are also part of the mixture.
  • Granulated garlic. Pork will not do without this spice, because garlic not only brings a recognizable spicy taste and aroma, but also makes the meat juicier.
  • Red pepper. It is the hottest component of the seasoning which makes it really piquant. Along with the tomato and paprika gives the product a red color.
  • Allspice. This is the primary spice for marinades, because this pepper has an incredibly strong aroma and taste due to the presence of essential oils and numerous resinous aromatic substances.
  • Coriander. It is characterized by a saturated taste and a subtle aroma at the same time. Favorite spice in Georgian cuisine.
  • Basil. Adds freshness and sweet notes to pork, so, as a result, the taste of the meat will be truly unique.

In the composition of the product there are also some other components, one of which is salt. Therefore, you should not add more salt to the marinade.

Useful properties

The multi-component composition of the mixture can boast with many positive effects on the human body. First of all, the ingredients of the seasoning will improve the digestion and awake appetite, will have an antibacterial and immune-strengthening effect. Seasoning components contain almost all the vitamins, minerals, essential oils and other substances the body needs.

The mixture is good for the health of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Using it, a person will strengthen the health of blood vessels, get rid of stress, and tone the body. You can order goods cheaply on our website now!

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