For stewing beef with paprika and cinnamon

The mixture of spices for stewing beef with paprika and cinnamon combines components that are classic for Ukrainian cuisine and more exotic ingredients. Powdered and finely chopped components prevail in the composition; the color of the mixture is light brown.

Briefly about the main ingredients

Among the great number of components in this mixture the key ones should be highlighted:

  • Cinnamon. This spice has a pronounced sweet and spicy aroma as well as a slightly tart astringent taste. It gives the meat a savory flavor and an orientally colorful aroma.
  • Red paprika. It provides the dish with a slight piquancy, and along with the dried tomato it brings freshness and a pleasant reddish tint to the meat. Can be used in large quantities.
  • Sumac. This very exotic ingredient is a sour berry that is presented in the mixture in a dried ground form. Bright red spicy powder goes well with onions (which are also present in the mixture), and the acidity of this spice is compared with pomegranate, lemon and acetic ones.
  • Nutmeg. A spice with a subtle spicy taste and aroma. It is perfectly combined both with the meat itself and with other ingredients in the composition of the mixture. It’s used in small quantities.

Among the components of the product there is also oregano, marjoram, salt and so on.

Useful properties of the mixture

As in other similar cases, the properties of the mixture that are positive for human health arise from the characteristics of each individual ingredient. So, for example, sumac is rich in fatty oils and various acids (among them there is ascorbic, succinic, citric, malic and other acids); they make the spice a natural antioxidant. Sumac is also useful for normalizing the functions of the gastrointestinal tract as well as for improving the overall health of people with diabetes.

Nutmeg is a strong natural tonic and stimulant. However, in small quantities the spice acts as a sedative. The product is able to strengthen the immune system, improve the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, improve memory, etc.

Cinnamon is not inferior in useful features to the other components of the mixture. Spice is distinguished by its anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, immune-enhancing, antiseptic and diuretic properties. The spice is useful as a means to improve the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Also, the “services” of cinnamon are often engaged by people who want to lose weight. Finally, this spice helps to get rid of bad breath.

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