Fragrant Uzbek pilaf with barberry

Fragrant Uzbek pilaf with barberry is a mix of whole and crushed spices that will give the rice an unforgettable aroma and rich taste, combining sweet, spicy and fresh notes, and pleasant sourness. The color palette of ingredients combines a variety of colors: from yellow and light green to dark blue.

What is in the composition

Of course, the key component of the seasoning is blue barberry. These berries stand out with their tart and sour taste, which is often associated with the sour taste of lemon. In addition to the main ingredient, this mixture also contains:

  • Chili. This spice is from Mexico. It has a bright red color, a strong pepper aroma and a world famous burning taste. Adds piquancy to dishes.
  • Cumin. It is considered to be a relative of parsley; the taste of the spice is slightly sharp, but pleasant, and the aroma is savory. Cumin, along with barberry, plays a vital role in the preparation of this eastern pilaf.
  • Green and red paprika. These varieties of pepper have almost no piquancy, but they will complement pilaf with a fresh sweetish taste and a pleasant bitterness. In the composition of this mixture paprika is presented in dried, finely chopped form.

Among other components of the product there are carrots, sea salt, onions, and so on.

Use for the health purposes

Due to the presence of different types of ingredients in the composition, the spice is able to provide a complex beneficial effect on the human organizm. It is known, in particular, that barberry has choleretic, antispasmodic, analgesic, antipyretic and haemostatic effects. In addition, this berry will help to fight the erectile dysfunction and will be able to give a calming effect.

Let’s say a few words about red pepper. Chili is rich in vitamin C, capsaicin (an alkaloid that destroys pathogenic organisms) as well as minerals such as zinc, iron, sodium, potassium, and others. Therefore, with moderate consumption, the spice will help to improve the digestion, support the immune system, facilitate the liver functions, etc.

Cumin is very useful for the digestion. The spice improves the appetite, relieves colic and cramps, relieves flatulence, diarrhea. The product is known as an effective tonic as well as a powerful aphrodisiac. Cumin is used for improving the memory and, if necessary, for body detoxifying.

Paprika, like chili pepper, is rich in minerals, capsaicin, vitamin C. The spice also contains essential and fatty oils, vitamins B9, A, E and K. Buy this mixture for aromatic pilaf in bulk on our website now!

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