Ground garlic is a spice prepared from a perennial plant of the Onion family. The powder is formed by grinding and drying garlic cloves, which can be of two types — an acute one and a sweet one. The product is characterized by a beige and white color, a hot taste and a peculiar smell that lasts for a long time.

The native land of the plant is Central Asia, but garlic was cultivated and used in many countries where people were not embarrassed about the strong smell of spice. These are such Powers as Ancient Rome and Greece, as well as India and Egypt. Today garlic is popular in many parts of the world and is an important product, especially in Asian and European cuisine.

Usage in cooking

Garlic is used by cooks as a spicy vegetable, which has unique aromatic and flavoring qualities, and is also quite versatile. This ingredient is added to:

  • meat and poultry dishes;
  • pickles and marinades;
  • salads and soups;
  • different kinds of cottage cheese and cheese;
  • meat jellies;
  • home-made sausages.

The exceptions for garlic are seafood and sweet dishes. In the rest, it has an excellent compatibility with other products, as well as with various spices: cloves, star anise and others.

Informative facts

Everyone knows that garlic has a strong smell, which is considered to be a bad tone in a civilized society. No wonder that the ancient Chinese warded off evil spirits with the help of this particular spice. However, garlic scent can be removed quite effectively. If you need to get rid of bad breath, use the mix of parsley and lemon juice, and to neutralize the smell on the skin of your hands you need fresh lemon and salt: rub your hands with this mixture, and then rinse them under cold water.

Garlic powder is also considered to be an effective food additive for treating a number of ailments. First of all, the antibacterial properties of spice are popular: the product, in fact, is a natural antibiotic. Also, according to many studies, garlic has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and is able to prevent atherosclerosis. Moreover, the researchers have found substances from antioxidant group in this product, as well as components that are able to withstand the development of cancer.

Garlic is effective for colds and infectious diseases; it is useful for nervous disorders, asthma, forgetfulness, and problems with gastrointestinal tract. Also, the spice improves appetite.

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