Ginger is a perennial herbaceous plant, the root of which is used as a spice. It is believed that the homeland of ginger is India, but the plant is successfully cultivated in Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. Beige and yellow root is popular all around the world.

Dried ginger has a distinctive sweetish flavor and a burning aftertaste, as well as a unique spicy aroma. Ginger spices are sold in the form of a gray and yellow powder obtained from the thorough grinding of the plant root.

Features of using

Ginger powder is an indispensable spice in culinary sphere. For example, this ingredient perfectly complements various non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages:

  • teas;
  • compotes;
  • punch;
  • liqueurs;
  • vodka and others.

The unique flavor and aroma qualities of dried ginger make the product important for confectionery. The ingredient is added to pies, jams, sweets, and gingerbread cakes received universal recognition. Most often this spice is used in the cold seasons of the year. For example, Americans like to add the product to pumpkin pies, which are traditionally cooked in the fall. And among the winter ginger delicacies cupcakes, candied fruits, bread and above-mentioned gingerbread should be outlined.

Interesting Facts

Ginger tea is an excellent remedy that allows you to get rid of the symptoms of colds and viral infections by strengthening and maintaining immunity. In addition, a spicy drink helps with motion sickness, anxiety and fatigue. No less useful property of the spice is the promotion of detoxification of the body.

The root of ginger contains antioxidants, so the use of this product will help to stay young longer. Powder also positively affects metabolism, speeding it up and promoting healthy burning of calories. In addition, on the basis of the dried root, cosmetic agents are prepared, including hair and body masks.

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