Green adjika with onion

Green adjika with onion is a mixture of finely ground ingredients that has a light green color. Unlike her red “sister”, the green adjika is less hot, but it has a unique fragrant smell and savory taste.

Key ingredients

To create a balanced spicy composition, the following ingredients were particularly used:

  • Blue fenugreek. This spice is quite exotic in our country. It is famous for its delicate nutty aroma, and therefore is considered to be one of the most original components of the seasoning.
  • Anise. This is the spice with a piquant aroma and a refreshing sweet taste. It is for the fresh and sweet notes that anise is used in adjika, and its amount is relatively small, because the strong smell and taste may overshadow other components of the product.
  • Green paprika. In fact, it is a spice derived from the immature fruits of red sweet pepper. Therefore, in comparison with red paprika, the green version is not so sweet and even less spicy. However, the taste and aroma of this spice are strong and piquant.
  • Onion. One of the most popular and versatile spicy vegetables; presented in this mixture in dried finely ground form. It has a strong recognizable aroma and a burning sweet taste.

Other ingredients of the seasoning are allspice, basil, chili, khmeli-suneli, and so on.

About the health properties of the product

Green adjika is tasty and healthy. The key to the health benefits of this seasoning is the numerous substances the person needs that are contained in the various ingredients of this mixture. So, blue fenugreek, with its own aroma only, will increase the appetite, and with regular use it will help to overcome the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.

Anise is a natural remedy for treatment of the respiratory system diseases, particularly for removing the inflammation, cough and other unpleasant symptoms. Anise is useful for digestion, liver and pancreas health, and is indicated for problems with kidneys and bladder. It has a beneficial effect on skin, vision, on the nervous system.

Green paprika contains many useful substances, particularly, a lot of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant and a natural immune-modulating substance. The spice is also useful for the circulatory system, as it prevents the formation of blood clots. Paprika is in high esteem among people suffering from colic, cramps, flatulence and overweight.

Onion is a popular bactericidal and antimicrobial means, presented to man by nature itself. Onion improves metabolism, calms nerves, and makes bones stronger, helps to get rid of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Order green adjika with onion right now at the best wholesale price!

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