Grill seasoning “For chicken with ginger”

Grill seasoning “For chicken with ginger” is a mixture of a wide variety of spices in the form of golden powder. The spices will give fragrant, sweet, piquant notes and pleasant sourness to the chicken meat, and will make the aroma and taste of the dish unique.

More about the ingredients

Among the numerous components of the composition of this seasoning we will highlight the following:

  • Turmeric. Able to emphasize the taste of the dish and complement it by giving an oriental flavor. Also, turmeric determines the color of the mixture itself, because it is famous for its coloring properties. Thanks to this natural dye, the dish will get a pleasant golden shade.
  • Ginger. This ingredient will decorate the aroma of the dish; will give sweet and sharp notes to the meat.
  • Nutmeg. A very versatile spice with a subtle and noble aroma. The taste of the spice combines sweet and spicy notes.
  • Lemongrass. The flavor of this spice combines the qualities of lemon and ginger. Thanks to citric acidity, the spice perfectly complements the taste of the poultry; at the same time lemongrass goes well with other components of the seasoning.
  • Blue fenugreek. This spice is not so familiar to Ukrainian cuisine, but it is considered to be traditional, for example, for Georgian cuisine. Known for its delicate nutty aroma. Blue fenugreek will certainly bring uniqueness and originality to the taste of chicken meat.

Among the other components in this mixture there are onions, black pepper and allspice, salt and so on.

What are the health benefits

Like other seasonings, the mixture for poultry, with reasonable use, is characterized by a complex beneficial effect on human body. For example, turmeric can help with a number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, arthrosis and arthritis, and various inflammations. Also, the spice helps to prevent the development of dementia and certain types of cancer.

Ginger, a natural painkiller, expectorant, antiemetic, is an excellent aid for health purposes. With the help of ginger you can remove toxins from the body and increase its protective functions. Ginger also works as an antioxidant and a means for improving the memory and slowing the aging down.

If we talk about nutmeg, its stimulating and toning properties come to mind immediately. They are so strong that a person is not recommended to use too many spices in order to not get addicted. Nutmeg is also useful for the cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive systems.

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