Grill seasoning “For pork with paprika”

Grill seasoning “For pork with paprika” is intended not only to emphasize the taste of meat, but also to supplement it with fresh, savory, sweet notes. This mixture with a rich set of components is presented in the form of a brown powder.

About the main ingredients

Although the seasoning contains many components, some of them deserve a separate description:

  • Crushed red paprika. The importance of this component is great and can be seen from the name of the mixture. Along with ground tomatoes, paprika sets the tone for the whole seasoning. This type of pepper is known for its mild burning sensation and the presence of sweet taste.
  • Nutmeg. Thanks to the grated nutmeg, pork acquires a sophisticated taste and aroma — spicy and slightly sweet. The spice is valued for its versatility; it can be used to ennoble not only meat and fish dishes, but even desserts and drinks.
  • Ginger. Spicy enough and sweet at the same time. Gives a unique aroma and gentleness to the dish.
  • Stevia. This plant is not only a natural sweetener, but also a spice with a sugary taste and aroma, resembling the smell of cinnamon or coffee. This component will definitely bring some piquancy to pork.

The product also contains allspice and black pepper, garlic, chili pepper, salt and other components.

Benefits for health

It is known that moderate regular use of this seasoning will help to improve health and well-being. The presence of paprika in the composition suggests that the mixture is rich in vitamins, and especially in vitamin C, which not only strengthens the immune system, but is also a powerful antioxidant.

Nutmeg is known for its tonic and stimulating effects, as well as its ability to strengthen memory and the nervous system. Has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and digestion.

Ginger can be considered a panacea for almost all ailments. This spice strengthens the immune system, helps to get rid of toxins, has an antiemetic effect, serves as a diaphoretic and analgesic, expectorant and anti-allergic agent. Ginger will help to fight aging and cancer, increase libido, improve memory and blood circulation.

As for stevia, this plant tones well and therefore is useful in mental and physical exertion. It is considered the safest sweetener and therefore is widely used by people with diabetes and overweight. It is also believed that stevia is able to help to overcome tobacco and alcohol addiction. It is possible to order this seasoning for pork in bulk today on our website!

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