Oleksandr Kovalov, Director-General of LLC “Piper Ukraine”:

“LLC “Piper Ukraine” always requires certain innovations and reforms, which are now successfully being implemented.”

Our company was founded in 2006, and for already 13 years we have been expanding our business on local and foreign markets. Our main direction is the production of ground spices, spice blends, decorative toppings, and mixes of fragrant herbs for food industry enterprises.

For the last three years our capacities have increased from 360 tons to 550 tons, which is equal to 1.5 times more goods produced. And for the first half of 2018 we have already fulfilled 75% of the set plan, which directly affected almost double increase of imports. Sufficient investment in modern equipment will help to expand the product range and confirm our guaranteed quality at the international level.

In 2018 our company created more than 70 kinds of new original blends for the different food industries, which corresponds to market needs.

Currently LLC “Piper Ukraine” is intensively working on the preparation of documents for HASSP implementation.

In perspective we are preparing for the producing of craft goods, such as sour-sweet and berry sauces with a delicious taste as well as ketchups with the exotic aromas, which will be made on a natural base without any artificial impurities.

In the next 5 years our partners will see the creation of the exclusively new eco-brand. The modern cuisine requires a qualitative product and we’ll create it!

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