Light seedless raisins

Light seedless raisins are dried fruit, which are prepared from white or light green grapes. The product is also called “white raisin” because of the golden shade and the lack of seeds. These raisins are distinguished by a small size, shriveled skin and a very sweet taste. In fact, raisins are grapes, which lost up to 80% of moisture during the process of drying, but retained almost the entire amount of useful substances, which simply became more concentrated.

Use in cooking

Light raisins are, above all, the ingredient for confectionery, especially for baked goods. However, dried fruit are also used as a component for:

  • porridges;
  • salads;
  • meat dishes;
  • pilaf;
  • dried fruit compotes.

And, of course, raisins can be consumed as a stand-alone product — as a natural and healthy sweet treat.

Benefits for human

Perhaps everyone knows about the benefits of dried fruits and raisins particularly. Indeed, despite the fact that during the processing of grapes a substantial amount of vitamin C is being destroyed, there are still a lot of useful substances in berries: B-group vitamins and vitamin A, organic acids, as well as microelements.

Light dried fruit are able to strengthen the cardiovascular and immune systems of the body, to become a reliable source of antioxidants, which suppress the growth of bacteria that are dangerous to the health of teeth and gums. Also, the product will help to calm the nerves and will have a slight diuretic effect.

Light dried grapes help detoxify the body and remove swellings. And do not forget about the high content of natural sugars in raisins, so that the product is considered an excellent natural energizer. You can order our goods in bulk on our website today!

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