Universal mixture for marinating

Universal mixture for marinating tomatoes, peppers and zucchini is distinguished by a well-balanced combination of whole and chopped spices, spicy vegetables and greens. The composition includes all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of first-class marinades, so you do not have to additionally look for the missing products. Besides, this product is supplemented with the necessary quantity of high-quality bay leaves. One hundred grams of mixture is enough to prepare fifteen liters of marinade.

Composition and specificities of culinary use

The rich composition of this mixture is represented by such ingredients as:

  • peppercorn (allspice and black);
  • seeds of white mustard;
  • chopped chili pepper;
  • greens of mint and basil;
  • chopped spicy vegetables (onions, carrots, garlic, celery root, red paprika) and other ingredients.

To prepare the marinade, you need to pour a hundred grams of this mixture and the right amount of bay leaves into a container with fifteen liters of water. Then you should add vinegar, sugar and salt, after which the mixture filled with water should be brought to a boil and be boiling for 2-3 minutes. Finished marinade is poured into jars with vegetables. Shelf life of an unopened mixture is 2 years.

Benefits for health

Spicy mix for marinating vegetables not only allows to emphasize the taste of zucchini, pepper or tomatoes and store them for a long time (for example, to stockpile for winter), but also has a positive effect on human body. The fact is that the composition of mixture is very diverse, and each ingredient is characterized by a significant content of vitamins, micro- and macro elements, and other substances necessary for human.

Marinade, prepared with the addition of our universal mixture, will help to strengthen immunity and fight against viral and cold diseases, the likelihood of which is very high in the cold months of year. The effect will also be positive for such important body systems as cardiovascular, nervous and digestive. The main thing is to eat pickled vegetables moderately, because one of the liquid ingredients is vinegar. You can buy this product at the most reasonable price possible on our site today!

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