Ground nutmeg is a spice in the form of brown powder. It prepared from the ripe edible fruits of the tree from the Muscat family. The product has a burning piquant taste and unique delicate aroma.

Nutmeg was popular in the period of Antiquity and became widespread in Europe and other parts the world during the colonialist campaigns of the Dutch and Portuguese. The plant can be found growing wild, for example on the islands of Sumatra and Java. However, today there are many regions where this plant is cultivated. Plantations are concentrated in various countries of Africa, as well as in Brazil, India, Indonesia and other regions of the world.

Culinary properties

Nutmeg powder is widely used in different cuisines of the world, including when cooking classic dishes. Among the main food products with this ingredient there are:

  • meat products;
  • confectionery;
  • milk sauces;
  • seafood dishes.

Ground nutmeg can give a note of completeness to many alcoholic beverages, and for aromatic sweet baking there is no better spice. Since this product has a strong aroma and taste, it is sufficient to use 0.1 grams of powder. It is recommended to add nutmeg at the end of the cooking process in order to avoid the occurrence of a bitter taste of the dish.

Fascinating facts

Nutmeg tree can grow for dozens of years, but the active fruit-bearing period lasts for the first 40 years of flowering. During this time, the tree yields over 1000 of fruits per year. On the market spice is found in the form of powder or flakes. In order for the product not to lose its aromatic qualities, it is better not to keep an opened package with a powder for a long time.

Medicinal properties of nutmeg are known since ancient times. It is considered to be an excellent tonic and stimulant for the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Also, the product is effective in the case of problems with the intestine and stomach, and a thick paste of nutmeg and sunflower oil is used for treatment of joints. This type of spices will also help to strengthen immunity and return sexual power. In nutmeg there are B-group vitamins, as well as E, H, PP, A vitamins. Apart from the above, the composition includes essential oils, pectin and minerals.

Often this product is used extremely unconventional. For example, it was experimentally discovered that nutmeg can frighten off the pest bugs. Among males there are a lot of experts of nutmeg’s another useful quality: spice perfectly removes the smell of alcohol from the mouth. Also the powder has been used in the cosmetic sphere for last several centuries.

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