Orange slices

This is a completely natural product derived from fresh oranges. Slices retain the appearance, taste and useful qualities of citrus, and to create fifty grams of chips, about half a kilo of fresh fruit is necessary. Slices are used as a ready-to-eat product, as an additive to various drinks and dishes, for decorating desserts and cocktails.


In order to get crispy sour-sweet circles, selected oranges are first cut into slices about five millimeters thick and then dried with the use of heat treatment. The temperature varies from 44 to 55 degrees, but not more, because excessive heating will entail the destruction of the structure of chips and the decrease of nutrients.

Thanks to the use of the optimal temperature, necessary conditions and modern technologies, the final product retains its taste and color, as well as all the useful substances. At the same time, no sugar or chemical additives are used in the production process, only natural raw materials and a verified preparation technology.


The rich composition of dried slices is completely identical to the composition of the natural fruit. Orange is known to be rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C. The product is useful for:

  • prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency;
  • improving the condition of hair and skin;
  • reducing fatigue (has a tonic effect);
  • neutralizing bad breath.

Citrus chips are widely used as a practical ingredient for mulled wine, compotes and other beverages. With the help of circles, you can complement a drink taste and decorate the glass. Also, the product can be consumed as a ready-to-eat one or in the combination with other types of food. And, above all, it is always within your reach!

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