Parsley is a biennial herbaceous plant, which is used in fresh and ground (dried) form. Parsley is either a carefully crushed dried herb, or powdered seeds. It has a soft spicy smell and a slightly sweet taste.

Parsley’s homeland is the Mediterranean Sea coast. However, today this popular and unpretentious plant is spread and cultivated almost everywhere in the world. Two subgroups of parsley varieties are known: rooted one and leaf one.

Culinary use

The product is considered to be a universal spice, and in culinary all the components of the plant (leaves, root, and seeds) are used. Dried parsley preserves its taste and aromatic properties the longest. The ingredient is added to a wide variety of foods and dishes:

  • sauces and gravies;
  • soups and second courses;
  • pickles and marinades;
  • sausages and pâtés;
  • pies and pizza, etc.

The product often serves as an ingredient for seasonings: khmeli-suneli, curry, bouquet garni and others.

Interesting facts

Despite the Mediterranean origin, this plant was mentioned in ancient Egyptian myths, and was also respected by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Then the spice spread throughout Europe, and Charlemagne initiated the tradition of growing parsley in orchards. Much later, thanks to the immigrants, this herb reached the shores of America.

The properties of parsley as a spice are due to the presence of an essential oil inside, which, at the same time, serves as a rich source of substances important for humans. The product contains B-group vitamins, ascorbic acid, carotene, PP and K vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium salts and a multitude of other utilities.

Accordingly, the medical application of this spice is very logical. Herb has a tonic effect on human, strengthens immunity, helps to rejuvenate the body and get rid of harmful substances. The product is also useful in cases of problems with cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, diseases of gums and eyes.
Parsley is widely used in cosmetology. With the help of spice, freckles are removed, skin is toned and whitened, and hair is strengthened. Agents based on this plant can replace sunscreens.

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