“Provencal herbs”

“Provencal herbs” is a fragrant seasoning, first created in the south-eastern region of France, Provence, where the name of the mixture comes from as well. Ingredients are thoroughly crushed, and the color of the product is light green. The aroma of spices includes resinous spicy herbal notes, and the taste combines acuity and pleasant bitterness. Strong flavor-aromatic qualities of the product cause the necessity to competently dose the spicy mixture when adding to food.

Cooking in “Provence” style

Seasoning is considered universal and is in demand not only in the historical homeland, but all over the world. The additive will be indispensable for:

  • salads and sauces;
  • soups and broths;
  • stew and garnishes from vegetables;
  • meat and fish dishes;
  • mince and chicken.

Such roasted vegetables as pepper, zucchini, eggplant and tomato require the additive too. Also, this ingredient is binding for béchamel sauce and is recommended for using in chicken broth.

Useful characteristics of the product

The rich composition of this seasoning is able to provide human body with a number of useful substances and promotes a complete health improvement. Thus, for example, herbs help to improve digestion and appetite, exert a tonic and disinfectant effect, and help to detoxify the organism.

The seasoning contains micro and macro elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium and others), essential oils, carotene, B-group vitamins, as well as C, PP and other vitamins and useful substances. Special attention should be paid to antioxidants, substances that promote the rejuvenation of the body. They are also present in this natural herbal mixture. Among the other beneficial properties of the product there is a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, eye and skin health and so on. You can buy a fragrant herbs mixture “Provencal herbs” at a reasonable price on our website. The product is completely natural and does not contain salt or synthetic impurities.

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