Red adjika with garlic

Red adjika with garlic is a mixture of spices for the admirers of spicy dishes. The seasoning includes ground, sliced and whole ingredients, and the color of the product is mostly brown.

About the main components

Among the key components of adjika there are the following:

  • Red paprika. Presented both in ground and chopped form. It has a slightly sweet taste and strong aroma.
  • Garlic. It is a usual product for our national cuisine, but it’s still a very important ingredient for this seasoning. Garlic has a strong aroma and burning taste.
  • Chili. Red pepper, famous for not only its bright appearance, but also for a strong burning taste and recognizable pepper flavor.
  • Dill seeds. They have a rich spicy aroma, reminiscent of a smell combination of anise and cumin. The taste of the spice is piquant, refreshing. Dill seeds are perfectly combined with other spices and are able to complement the taste of various dishes.

Also in this mixture there is tomato (brings notes of freshness and sweetness to the taste of the product), allspice, salt and other components.

The importance of adjika for health

Red adjika with the addition of garlic is intended for moderate consumption; only if the spice is used reasonably, the properties of its components will be beneficial to human health and well-being.

Red paprika is one of those gifts of nature which contain a huge amount of vitamin C. It is not only an excellent immune-strengthening means, but also a powerful natural antioxidant. The composition of sweet pepper also includes other vitamins, such as B9, A, E and K, as well as minerals, fatty and essential oils.

Garlic plays an important role for health. It is considered a natural antibiotic, and also contains antioxidants. A spicy vegetable is indispensable in the treatment of respiratory diseases, for strengthening the cardiovascular system, for overcoming problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system.

Chili is also useful. It contains a lot of vitamin C and the natural alkaloid capsaicin, which together strengthen the human immune system. In small quantities, chili is good for liver, stomach, and other organs and systems.

Dill seeds have a rich composition of nutrients. They contain B-group vitamins, vitamins E, PP, A and C, a large number of mineral substances, beta-carotene. The spice will help with conjunctivitis, diabetes, liver and genitourinary diseases, coughing and insomnia, and blood pressure disorders. Order red adjika with garlic in bulk on our website today!

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