Red paprika

Red paprika is a spice that is produced by chopping or grinding red peppers. The spice can look like a powder or finely chopped dried pepper. It has a bright red color, a spicy aroma and a sweetish taste with bitterness.

The plant is cultivated in many countries, but the leader among them is Hungary, where there are extensive plantations of different peppers. Cultivation of paprika is not an easy process, because workers have to inspect fields several times a day and collect each ripe veg separately. Further processing of vegetables is carried out either manually or mechanically — the first variant is preferable for preserving the maximum taste and useful qualities of the product.

Red paprika and cooking

Despite the traditional spread in Hungary, spice is also very popular in other countries such as Bulgaria, England, Germany, Mexico, and so on. The product is added to:

  • seafood dishes;
  • sauces and marinades;
  • potato dishes and legumes;
  • cottage cheese, salads, omelets, meat and poultry dishes.

Additive goes well with other spices: nutmeg, coriander, garlic, dill, basil, parsley. Among the classic dishes in which paprika is a binding ingredient there are Hungarian goulash, ratatouille, fisherman’s soup, etc.

Interesting information

Paprika gave the world one of the Nobel laureates. It is about a Hungarian scientist who tried to isolate vitamin C from natural products and rather accidentally, than intentionally, succeeded right after experiments with red pepper. Definitely, there is much more ascorbic acid in this product than in lemons or black currant.

This and other vitamins as well as other useful substances made the spice popular in the medical sphere. Spice prevents the formation of blood clots, positively affects the blood, and helps to strengthen the mucous membranes. The role of paprika is invaluable for improving metabolism and strengthening immunity, stimulating hair and nails growth. The presence of this product in daily ration will prevent a number of nervous and gastrointestinal disorders.

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