Roselle is dried flowers of the Sudanese rose (hibiscus), an annual plant of the Mallow family, which are used in cooking and cosmetology. Its whole dry flowers are large and deep-red, the taste of this spice is tart, slightly sour, and the smell is well recognized.

The homeland of hibiscus is Northeast Africa, but today this plant is successfully cultivated in Southeast Asia. In general, the plant prefers a warm climate, and although Roselle is loved all around the world, most countries have to import this product.

Usage in cooking

Usually the petals of red flowers are not used as a spicy additive for food. The most popular product based on hibiscus is herbal tea with the same name. To make the drink as tasty and useful as possible, you should add to it:

  • cardamom;
  • melissa;
  • mint;
  • pieces of berries and fruits.

The drink is popular both in hot and cold form. Besides tea, jellies, cakes, and fruit drinks are prepared using Roselle.

Benefits for health

Hibiscus tea positively affects the health of cardiovascular system, perfectly cleans the vessels from cholesterol, and the liver — from toxins. Hot tea increases blood pressure well, and cold one, on the contrary, lowers it. Roselle will become an effective assistant in combating viral infections and colds.

Hibiscus drink will help to normalize the work of gastrointestinal tract, get rid of harmful microflora and intestinal infections. Among the natural properties of the product are diuretic and choleretic effects, promoting the breaking of kidney stones, excretion of salts and so on.

Among the useful substances of Roselle are organic acids, micro and macro elements, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins P, C, A and B-group vitamins, flavonoids and other important components.

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