Spice mixture “For jerking and smoking of meat”

Spice mixture “For jerking and smoking of meat” has a rather eloquent name and mainly the red color of the components presented in powder or ground form. This seasoning will give the necessary share of piquancy, sweet notes, and pleasant spicy aroma to the meat.

A few words about the main components

The mixture includes, in particular, the following important components:

  • Chili. The spice of bright red color with recognizable pepper aroma and burning taste. Makes the meat taste and aroma savory.
  • Ground red paprika. It is distinguished not only by its red color, but also by its diverse taste, combining light piquancy, sweetness, and freshness.
  • Garlic. Known to everyone for its strong smell and burning taste, this spicy vegetable occupies an important place in the composition of this seasoning.

Also among the ingredients there is green paprika, tomato, salt and other components.

What are the health benefits

With moderate consumption of dishes prepared using this spicy mixture, a person will have a positive effect on health and well-being. Seasoning benefits begin with red chili pepper, which is known for its immunity-modulating effect. Chili is useful for liver and stomach, but it should be wisely consumed.

Green and red paprika is a trove of vitamins and minerals, and along with them the essential and fatty oils are also present there. These spices are very useful for the immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as for general strengthening of the body.

Do not forget about garlic. This natural remedy will help to fight the colds and infectious diseases, to strengthen the immune system, to improve digestion and will allow you to quickly remove toxins from the body. If you are interested in buying this mixture of spices, order the goods wholesale now on our website!

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