Spice mixture “For pilaf”

Spice mixture “For pilaf” is a combined seasoning with a spicy aroma and rich taste, combining hot, sour and sweet notes. The color of the product is yellow and orange. It is the hue the cooked dishes obtain if the mixture is used. The basis of the seasoning is powdery, but some ingredients are presented in finely chopped or whole dried form.

Application in culinary

The product is suitable for preparing any rice based dishes. The seasoning is perfectly combined with vegetables, meat and poultry, complementing the food taste and giving it an oriental coloring. In the composition of the mixture:

  • turmeric;
  • barberry;
  • black pepper;
  • carrots;
  • chili;
  • garlic and other ingredients.

The seasoning has a significant acuity, which allows whetting the appetite and getting a long feeling of satiety after eating. In addition, the product contains natural preservatives, so that the dish will be stored longer.

Benefits for the body

Like other spicy seasonings, mixture “For pilaf” improves metabolism and promotes the burning of calories, prevents the emergence and development of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. No less important is its anti-inflammatory effect, as well as the ability of the product to increase immunity. If to talk about vitamins and other essential elements for health, there are a huge number of them in the product. The mixture contains potassium and calcium, magnesium and iron, B-group vitamins, as well as vitamins C, PP, E, A, and much more.

Buying spice mixture “For pilaf” and using it regularly will be the right solution for those who want to rejuvenate the body, because some of the product ingredients contain antioxidants. The seasoning makes a beneficial effect on the health of nervous and cardiovascular systems. In other words, the spicy additive does not only diversifies homemade dishes, but also becomes a natural source of substances useful for health and normal functioning of the body. You can order the goods at a reasonable price on the website of our company!

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