Ground turmeric is a spice produced from a perennial medicinal plant of the Ginger family. There are many varieties of this spice, but more often you can find on sale a powder of common turmeric. The taste of the spice is slightly bitter, and at the same time sharp, astringent, and the smell is spicy, very pleasant. The bright orange and yellow color of turmeric is the reason that the powder is used not only as a spice, but also as a dye.

Turmeric has been widely popular in Europe since the Middle Ages, and India is the homeland of this plant. Today it is cultivated in many southern countries: Peru, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia and a number of others.

Cooking application

Ground turmeric is traditionally used in Indian national cuisine, as well as in classic dishes of other countries. Spice is considered to be one of the most important in the East and its importance cannot be overestimated. Among the products and dishes, which include this ingredient, there are:

  • rice and pilaf;
  • soups-purees and meat broths;
  • stews and salads;
  • meat and seafood dishes;
  • sauces and seasonings;
  • omelets and flour products;
  • desserts.

The powder is used as a dye in cooking of many flavorings, cheeses, yoghurts, as well as chips, butter, margarine and biscuits. Ingredient is often added to tea, water and milk. Turmeric should be added to dishes a few minutes before they’re ready.

Interesting information

Turmeric affects not only the taste and color of foods, but also extends their shelf life. The spice itself can be stored for up to three years in the ground form, and in order to avoid loss of aromatic and flavoring qualities it is recommended to store the spice in a tightly closed container.

It is curious that in Medieval Europe with the help of turmeric not only food, but also leather, metal and wood products were stained. In the East, even today, using the powder, they paint fabrics, and also apply it for drawing various signs on human body. Coloring properties of spice are due to the presence of a specific substance in its composition — curcumin. This is a natural component, and therefore it is widely used in industrial food products for the producing of butter and cooking oil.

Turmeric has found its application in medicine, primarily as a natural antibiotic for problems with intestine. Spice is also able to purify the blood and promote its renewal, improve metabolism, slow the body aging due to the presence of antioxidants. The use of spice is invaluable for brain activity, health of joints and disinfection of burns and wounds.

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