White pepper

Ground white pepper is not a separate spice, but rather a variety of black pepper, which is handled in a special way. Spice is prepared from the practically ripe peeled fruits, ground into powder. The product has a white color with a cream shade, and the aroma of white pepper is stronger and finer than that of black pepper.

Pepper liana, from which this spice is extracted, grows and is cultivated in southern countries: India, Thailand, Cambodia and others. However, the original region of the spread of this clambering plant is the Malabar Islands, from where the other name of the product, “Malabar berry”, comes from.

How to use in cooking

Ground white pepper is not as versatile as its black variety, but it is often used for cooking unsweetened and dessert dishes. Among them are:

  • baked fish;
  • boiled meat;
  • products made of minced meat;
  • dough;
  • canned food;
  • marinades and much more.

Due to its light color, powdered white pepper is used for making light-colored sauces and is added to various beverages. For sweet dishes, the product is suitable both in ground and in whole form. Often this ingredient becomes a part of pates, salads and cheeses. Strong aroma and taste make it necessary to use the product in very small quantities, not more than a gram per single serving. Add the spice in the final stages of cooking.

Interesting information

White pepper is sent for handing only when the fruits obtain a bright red color. There are two ways to remove the red shell. The first involves soaking the spices in salt water and then drying (the shell is separated from the berry autonomously). In the second case, the pepper is directly sent for drying, which usually takes ten days. During this time, the dry shell exfoliates from berries, and the spice retains a maximum of fragrant properties.

White pepper has many medicinal properties that were discovered in ancient India. Using this spice with food or as a medicine, you can achieve:

  • immunity increase and stress resistance;
  • improving of metabolism and appetite;
  • detoxification of the body;
  • anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

With the help of white pepper different infectious diseases, cough, and sore throat are treated. Essential oils of berries are often included into the composition of therapeutic ointments. Among the useful substances contained in this product there is vitamin C, calcium, potassium and so on.

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